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Wedding Tip #13 - Candid Camera

A bride and groom should hire a professional photographer to capture their special moments. While staged photos are nice, some of the best photos are candid shots! Encourage your photographer to take such shots. To add extra fun also have “disposable” cameras on hand for your guests to use. Your professional disc jockey/emcee will invite your guests to snap a few shots and then pass the camera onto someone else, will tell them to not only take photos of the bride and groom but of other guests as well, and will remind your guests to leave the cameras on the gift table at the end of the evening so you can have the film developed.

Wedding Tip #12 - Bring out the Child in You

If children will attend your wedding reception, make them feel welcome by having a kids activity table (e.g., crayons and coloring books, stickers, puzzles, toys), which also will keep them occupied. Perhaps have them draw a picture of the bride and groom to present to you. Maybe arrange for a separate area for them to view a DVD. You could even hire an experienced child-care worker to supervise them to free up their parents. Also consider having your professional disc jockey/emcee play some kid-oriented activities and music to involve them (e.g., limbo, hula hoops, chicken dance). Be a kid at heart and don’t be afraid to join them in the fun!

Wedding Tip #11 - Make Your Memories Count!

The guest book is great to formally document who attended your wedding. It may include a space to write a special message or address. It also may have a place to list gifts received. The matted photo has the couple’s photo surrounded by a mat board on which guests can use gel ink pens to write special messages and sign. The neat thing about the matted photo is it can be framed and then displayed on a wall, as opposed to a guest book which often is kept in a drawer. Another cool option is a poster board on which you can display your invitation and block off several 4"x6" areas where guests won’t sign; instead, those will be used to display photos from your wedding. Your professional disc jockey/emcee can invite guests to sign the guest book, matted photo or poster board to ensure you have plenty of memories!

Wedding Tip #10 - Remembering Those Who Have Passed

There are many ways for a bride and groom to remember and honor a relative or friend who has passed. At the ceremony, a photo of the departed love one(s) could be displayed, a candle could be lit in their memory, the officiant could mention those present in spirit, etc. At the reception, a memory table likewise could be set up to display photos, a friend or family member could make a special toast on their behalf, your professional disc jockey/emcee could likewise note those present in spirit when doing introductions or could play a special song in their honor, etc.