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Wedding Tip #22 Bouquet – More Than Just to Hold

Rather than laying your bouquet on the head table where it can’t be seen, make it part of your decor by using Bouquet Display® holders to transform your head table from ordinary to elegant! Make it sentimental – Attach a photo of a departed love one to your bouquet with a ribbon using a photo buckle, a small photo charm, or a miniature paper frame. After your wedding, make it a keepsake by using a flower preservation service or hang dry or press the flowers yourself. A practical bride can use a “break-away” bouquet, which appears to be one large bouquet, but actually is three separate smaller bouquets bound together by a ribbon; carry the combined bouquet during your ceremony and then untie the ribbon at your reception and separate the bouquets for one to keep, one for the bouquet toss, and another to present as a special gift, e.g., to the longest married lady when your professional disc jockey/emcee performs the Generations Dance. Want to add more fun? Surprise the single ladies – use the entire break-away bouquet for the bouquet toss so several gals can catch one!

Wedding Tip #21 - Toast of the Town

No doubt you’ll have your best man do a toast. You’ll probably want your maid/matron of honor to say one too! Anyone else? You could invite the entire bridal party to participate. Your parents can perform toasts as well. Additionally, you may want to incorporate open-toasting, which allows any guest to publicly share their sentiments. Before choosing that option, be sure you have enough time as it can be very time consuming; also make sure you have the right guests for it because guests who over imbibe may say inappropriate things. A better option may be to pre-select key guests to toast. If you choose that option, inform them in advance so they will be prepared. Also inform your professional disc jockey/emcee of who they are and their relationship to you so he can pick out a special song to play when introducing them.

Wedding Tip #20 - Sweetheart ♥ Messages

Imagine when you step onto the dance floor for the very first time as husband and wife and the song for your first dance begins, you suddenly hear your new husband’s voice over the music as he delivers a special message to you and then, while he embraces you, he hears your loving words as his new wife during the instrumental prelude to your first dance. Your professional disc jockey/emcee can turn this image into a reality by recording and then custom editing your sweetheart messages and looping and mixing in music to create this magical moment!

A New Bridal Show Experience!

Join us for a new bridal show experience on Sunday May 16, 2010 4:00-8:00 p.m. at The Beda Place in Meadow Vista. This show entitled "The Beda Place For All Seasons" will enable you to experience what it could be like to have a wedding at this versatile venue in winter, spring, summer or fall. Three photographers will be on site to take FREE engagement portraits. There will be a "cocktail hour" with live music and entertainment! Enjoy fashion shows and tour the beautiful grounds. Next join us inside for a reception-style celebration as you dine on gourmet hors d'oeuvres followed by a cake cutting and prize drawing. Then kick up your heels for some "after party" dancing!

Wedding Tip #19 - Making Your Mothers’ Day

It’s traditional for the bride’s mother to be seated last and the bride’s father to walk his daughter down the aisle. Still, the bride can involve her mother in the ceremony by having her stand and join her father once he reaches the end of the end of the aisle, where together they can respond to the officiant’s inquiry “Who gives this bride?” Further, the bride and groom’s mothers can light side candles for a unity candle or take part in a sand pouring ceremony. The couple also can present their mothers with a special gift or flowers. At the reception, both mothers can give a toast. Additionally, while the groom’s mother often is highlighted with a mother-son dance, part way through their song other mothers and sons can be invited to join them on the dance floor if they are willing to share their song.

Wedding Tip #18 - He Can Express Himself with a Groom’s Cake

Unlike wedding cakes, which often are tiered, decorated in white and are light in texture and/or color, the groom's cake can take a variety of forms, shapes, texture and color and often will incorporate chocolate or fruit. It not only provides an alternative tasty treat for your guests, but it also enables the groom to express himself and his individual style by visually depicting his favorite sport, hobby, character, animal, etc. It also lends itself to some fun photo opps! Your professional disc jockey/emcee can introduce the cake cutting for the groom’s cake with a special song that fits the groom’s style or corresponds with the cake’s theme.

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