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JD the DJ Heads to Vegas!

JD the DJ is heading to Las Vegas to attend the 2011 Mobile Beat DJ Show where professional disc jockeys/emcees from around the country (and even other continents) gather to attend continuing education seminars, share ideas, build camaraderie, check out the latest equipment and, of course, have fun -- with the goal of improving skills to continue delivering quality entertainment!

Wedding Tip #34 - Share Your Love Story

Do your friends and family know your love story? They know you're in love because you're getting married; but do they know what brought you to that point? Imagine revisiting those moments of when you first met, your first date, how your relationship progressed, the point you realized it had the potential to become permanent, when you fell in love, and the proposal! By interviewing you and learning the details of your relationship, your professional disc jockey/emcee can get to know more about you and your fiancé and then share that information with your guests, who will be taken on an audio journey to relive those magical moments as he tells your love story, set to music, in a format that is romantic, sentimental, and perhaps even humorous!

Wedding Tip #33 - Will You Accept This Rose?

The Rose Ceremony: After you are pronounced husband and wife, you can exchange a rose with each other to symbolize the giving and receiving of love throughout your entire married life. Your officiant can explain how you will pick a special locale in your home for roses so that on your anniversaries you will each take a rose to that spot as a recommitment to your marriage. Additionally, if you ever reach a point in your marriage where it is difficult to find the right words to say how you feel, such as “I’m sorry,” “I forgive you,” “I am hurting,” or “I need you,” you can leave a rose in that spot – for that rose says what matters most and should overpower all other things ... it says “I still love you!” The other should accept that rose for the words which cannot be found, recalling the love and hope you shared on your wedding day and the love you still have for each other. Your professional disc jockey can play soft instrumental background music during the exchange of roses and the officiant's explanation of what they symbolize.