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Visit us at The Premier Wedding Show

Join us at the Premier Wedding Show on Sunday January 9, 2011, 11am-4pm at the luxurious Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa where we will be among many of the region's most sought after wedding vendors. Besides our musical entertainment services, you'll discover everything from your wedding gown and florist, to photographers and videographers, cakes and caterers, limousines, party rental companies, reception sites, tuxedos, and of course, wedding planners to help you put it all together. Find the perfect makeup, and hairstylist to enhance your personal style.... It's your chance to meet and talk with us and to schedule all the services you'll need to make your wedding absolutely perfect.

Wedding Tip #32 - "Mister Sandman, Bring Me A Dream!"

The Sand Pouring Ceremony: A symbolic act representing your union as husband and wife and your individual families becoming one united family. The bride and groom take vessels filled with different colors of sand and simultaneously alternate pouring their separate containers into one larger clear glass container creating a unique, mixed sand pattern. Just as it would be difficult to separate the individual grains of sand back into their separate colors, so too will it be to ever separate both of you. You can even incorporate your hobbies, e.g., if you’re into home-brewing, use a six-pack of beer bottles and have each parent pour from a bottle and then pour your bottles together; if you are wine enthusiasts, use bottles from your favorite wine or a wine carafe, if you enjoy the beach, use sea shells. If you already have children, you can have them participate as well. Your professional disc jockey can play soft instrumental background music during the sand pouring and as your officiant's explains its significance. Thereafter, you will have the sand mixture as a keepsake of your unity, to proudly display in your home for years to come.

JD the DJ to DJ/Emcee AfWPI's Holiday Party

JD Firestone (JD the DJ) has been selected to provide the musical entertainment and emcee the Association for Wedding Professionals, International (AfWPI) Holiday Party on Sunday December 5, 2010. The event, dubbed a "Ho...Ho... Hoe Down for the Holidays," will be a fun-filled, downhome country celebration for vendors in the special event and entertainment industry, their friends, and families. It will be held in the Sky Room at the Country Club Event Center, Sacramento and will feature dinner, dancing, laser tag, bowling, and even a visit from Santa!

Yee Haw! - Happy Trails Bob, Jenna & Family

JD the DJ recently provided the musical entertainment for the real wedding of Sierra Sixguns & Sidekicks western reenactors Bob (a.k.a. Lefty O'Doul) & Jenna (a.k.a. Peacock Rose). The wedding took place in a ranchlike setting in Lotus,CA. The ceremony began with JD playing saloon piano music as the cowboys were inside a barn. Bob could be overheard saying he was just riding through town and not ready to settle down, however, the men-folk voiced differently, noting Bob had promised to make an honest woman out of Jenna the next time he came to town. Soon the barn doors slid open and the guys lead Bob to the altar. A volley of shots was fired signaling a horsedrawn carriage to bring in Jenna and some youngens. Meanwhile, Jenna's saloon gal pals strolled down the aisle to await her arrival. As the couple joined hands, Mike (a.k.a Cactus Kid) sang "Look At You Girl". After the exchange of vows, Jenna's brother-in-law Nick sang "Love Never Falls" while Jenna's sons Dylan and Ryan took part in a unity candle lighting to symbolize the foursome officially uniting as a family. Later, for Bob & Jenna's first dance, JD played "Amazed" by Lonestar which JD custom edited and mixed to include their sweetheart messages to each other. Hats off and happy trails! View Bob & Jenna's montage

JD the DJ Emcees National Mobile Beat Tour

Galt, CA - On August 25, 2010, JD Firestone (JD the DJ) of JD Productions Quality DJ Entertainment was privileged to emcee the National Mobile Beat Tour as it made a tour stop at A Magical Place Entertainment & Party Center. The event, which was hosted by the Sacramento Chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA), was attended by disc jockeys from as far away as Porterville, CA and Reno, NV. JD, who currently serves as secretary of ADJA's Sacramento chapter, told attendees about recent chapter activities including an improv workshop, a wedding marketing seminar, a SEO session, and round table topics. Tour speakers included Jason Spencer of Spencer's Wedding & Entertainment, who spoke on Building Powerful Customer Relationships and Ben Stowe of Northern Light FX, who discussed how to Take Control of Your Lighting. Attendees then perused the latest gear from Pioneer DJ, American DJ, Hercules, Odyssey & more! The tour was brought to the area by Mobile Beat Magazine which is an industry publication dedicated to the specialized interests of working mobile entertainers.

Wedding Tip #31 - May I Take Your Request

To add to your guest’s enjoyment at your reception, allow them to make song requests so they can listen and dance to music they like! If there’s a particular style of music or song you do not want played, however, be sure to let your professional disc jockey/emcee know in advance to not play those types of requests. A cute thing to do is to include a line on your wedding invitation’s RSVP for guests to write down a song/artist request and perhaps note its significance. As you get the RSVPs, compile a list of their requests to share with your DJ/MC, who can dedicate the song to them (e.g., “This song’s going out to Jim and Michelle, it was their 1st dance song when they wed 15 years ago”, “next up, we’ve got the Chicken Dance for Aunt Lisa”). By customizing the music to suit your guests tastes and personalizing their dedications, they’ll feel more part of the celebration and have great memories!

Wedding Tip #30 - Ceremony Rehearsal - Practice Makes Perfect

In rehearsing the ceremony, the best way to practice is: (1) begin with the bridesmaids and groomsmen already in position at the altar, so they know where they will be walking to; (2) next decide how you want them oriented (straight line, diagonally, semi-circle, etc.); (3) also determine where you want the flower girl and ring bearer to stand; (4) additionally have the guys coordinate how they hold their hands (i.e., in front or behind)so they all do it the same; (5) then do the recessional with the bridesmaids and groomsmen pairing up as they exit; (6) next have all participants, including parents and VIPs, line up in the order in which they will enter, having them pay attention to who they pair up with and those immediately ahead and behind them; (7) then run through the entire ceremony sequence dry, i.e., without music; (8) finally, do a run-through with music so everyone can familiarize themselves with their song cues and the pace they will need to match the beat.

Wedding Tip #29 - Picture Perfect Table Placards

For table placards, a fun thing to do is to display a photo of the couple at various locales (e.g., Las Vegas, San Francisco, Disneyland, etc.) and then assign seating to guests based on their table designation (e.g., Mr. & Mrs. Charles Smith - Hawaii; Ms. Betty Wilson - New York City). If you are having a buffet, for added entertainment your professional disc jockey/emcee can release guests at each table by playing snippets of songs associated with their assigned locale (e.g., Viva Las Vegas by Elvis, I Left My Heart In San Francisco by Tony Bennett, It’s A Small World by Robert & Richard Sherman, Hawaiian Wedding Song by Andy Williams, New York, New York by Frank Sinatra, etc.) This will create some great memories for your guests!

Wedding Tip #28 - Centerpiece Giveaway

A neat way to interject some fun during the meal is to do a centerpiece giveaway where a guest wins the centerpiece to take home at the end of your reception. Selecting a winner from each table: distance – the guest who traveled the farthest wins; birthday or anniversary – the guest whose birthday or the couple whose anniversary is closest to your wedding date wins; sticker – the guest sitting in a chair that has a sticker under it wins; musical chairs – your professional disc jockey/emcee plays a song as the guests circle the chairs and when the music stops the guest sitting in a chair that has a sticker under it wins; dollar pass – one guest takes out a dollar and it is passed around the table, when the music stops the person holding the dollar is out, repeat and the next person who holds the dollar is out too, repeat once more and the person holding the dollar keeps it and the guest who donated the dollar wins.

Wedding Tip #27 - RSVP Has Its Privileges

A fun way to surprise and highlight some of your guests is to recognize the first and last guests to RSVP to attend your wedding. Your professional disc jockey/emcee can announce their names and have them stand or come to the dance floor where you can present them with a special gift. For those who RSVP’d first, you can play songs like I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters, Feels Like The First Time by Foreigner or Let’s Get It Started by The Black Eyed Peas. For those who RSVP’d last you can play songs like Mission Impossible by Lalo Schifrin, At Last by Etta James or Finally by CeCe Peniston.

Wedding Tip #26 - Keep Your Cool

For summer outdoor weddings be sure to keep your cool! If your setting lacks shade, consider using free-standing umbrellas or hand-held parasols to shelter your guests. Have bottled water on ice, so your wedding party and guests can readily cool down. To fan away heat, you can provide fancy Asian silk folding fans that match your colors or custom-printed handheld fans that double as a keepsake. Strategically positioned oscillating fans also can help create a gentle breeze on the dance floor. Misters additionally can provide a refreshing respite from the heat. Your groom and his groomsmen may even want to consider wearing strap-on ice packs under their tuxedo jackets to keep themselves cool as cucumbers!

Wedding Tip #25 - ♪ ♬ Sing for Your Supper ♬ ♪

For the buffet, you can dismiss guests table-by-table (boring), ring a dinner bell and let them stampede (dangerous) or make it festive. One way is Sing for Your Supper! Think of it like this: at your ceremony you performed your vows, which you take seriously, but at your reception it's time to cut loose and have fun; because you "performed" for your guests, it's only fair they get a chance to perform for you! Your professional disc jockey/emcee can invite them to sing a few lines from a love song; once they do, their table will join the buffet line. For each table, there can be a spokesinger, a duet, a trio or all guests can sing. This is a fun ice-breaker and creates great memories!

Wedding Tip #24 - Cheers or Jeers When It Comes To Alcohol

Alcohol can add to the festivities, but it also can detract from them. You want your guests to have a good time, but you don’t want them to over indulge. If you host a bar, then guests may drink all they can because it’s FREE! If you have a no-host bar, then guests will be less inclined to over indulge because they will be paying the bill. A good compromise is to host the bar for a limited time (e.g., during cocktail/social hour or through dinner), but then to switch to a non-hosted bar for the rest of the evening. That way you still can treat your guests without making it easy for them to imbibe too much!

Wedding Tip #23 - Chill Out With an Ice Cream Social

Want something really COOL at your wedding reception? Host an ice cream bar for dessert! You can have several types of ice cream with a selection of toppings (M&Ms, candy sprinkles, cherries, whip cream, nuts, gummy bears, fresh fruit, etc.) and sauces (hot fudge, caramel, strawberry, butterscotch). As for flavors, you could go traditional (e.g., vanilla and chocolate) or go wild with less traditional flavors (e.g., bubble gum, chocolate chip cookie dough, rainbow sherbert). You could even select flavors that match your color theme. Your professional disc jockey/emcee can add to the festivities by playing songs such as (Your Love Is Better Than) Ice Cream by Sara McLachlan, How Your Love Makes Me Feel by Diamond Rio ("Buy an ice cream and see how far we can drive before it melts kinda feelin'") and Ice Cream Freeze (Let’s Chill) by Hannah Montana.

Wedding Tip #22 Bouquet – More Than Just to Hold

Rather than laying your bouquet on the head table where it can’t be seen, make it part of your decor by using Bouquet Display® holders to transform your head table from ordinary to elegant! Make it sentimental – Attach a photo of a departed love one to your bouquet with a ribbon using a photo buckle, a small photo charm, or a miniature paper frame. After your wedding, make it a keepsake by using a flower preservation service or hang dry or press the flowers yourself. A practical bride can use a “break-away” bouquet, which appears to be one large bouquet, but actually is three separate smaller bouquets bound together by a ribbon; carry the combined bouquet during your ceremony and then untie the ribbon at your reception and separate the bouquets for one to keep, one for the bouquet toss, and another to present as a special gift, e.g., to the longest married lady when your professional disc jockey/emcee performs the Generations Dance. Want to add more fun? Surprise the single ladies – use the entire break-away bouquet for the bouquet toss so several gals can catch one!

Wedding Tip #21 - Toast of the Town

No doubt you’ll have your best man do a toast. You’ll probably want your maid/matron of honor to say one too! Anyone else? You could invite the entire bridal party to participate. Your parents can perform toasts as well. Additionally, you may want to incorporate open-toasting, which allows any guest to publicly share their sentiments. Before choosing that option, be sure you have enough time as it can be very time consuming; also make sure you have the right guests for it because guests who over imbibe may say inappropriate things. A better option may be to pre-select key guests to toast. If you choose that option, inform them in advance so they will be prepared. Also inform your professional disc jockey/emcee of who they are and their relationship to you so he can pick out a special song to play when introducing them.

Wedding Tip #20 - Sweetheart ♥ Messages

Imagine when you step onto the dance floor for the very first time as husband and wife and the song for your first dance begins, you suddenly hear your new husband’s voice over the music as he delivers a special message to you and then, while he embraces you, he hears your loving words as his new wife during the instrumental prelude to your first dance. Your professional disc jockey/emcee can turn this image into a reality by recording and then custom editing your sweetheart messages and looping and mixing in music to create this magical moment!

A New Bridal Show Experience!

Join us for a new bridal show experience on Sunday May 16, 2010 4:00-8:00 p.m. at The Beda Place in Meadow Vista. This show entitled "The Beda Place For All Seasons" will enable you to experience what it could be like to have a wedding at this versatile venue in winter, spring, summer or fall. Three photographers will be on site to take FREE engagement portraits. There will be a "cocktail hour" with live music and entertainment! Enjoy fashion shows and tour the beautiful grounds. Next join us inside for a reception-style celebration as you dine on gourmet hors d'oeuvres followed by a cake cutting and prize drawing. Then kick up your heels for some "after party" dancing!

Wedding Tip #19 - Making Your Mothers’ Day

It’s traditional for the bride’s mother to be seated last and the bride’s father to walk his daughter down the aisle. Still, the bride can involve her mother in the ceremony by having her stand and join her father once he reaches the end of the end of the aisle, where together they can respond to the officiant’s inquiry “Who gives this bride?” Further, the bride and groom’s mothers can light side candles for a unity candle or take part in a sand pouring ceremony. The couple also can present their mothers with a special gift or flowers. At the reception, both mothers can give a toast. Additionally, while the groom’s mother often is highlighted with a mother-son dance, part way through their song other mothers and sons can be invited to join them on the dance floor if they are willing to share their song.

Wedding Tip #18 - He Can Express Himself with a Groom’s Cake

Unlike wedding cakes, which often are tiered, decorated in white and are light in texture and/or color, the groom's cake can take a variety of forms, shapes, texture and color and often will incorporate chocolate or fruit. It not only provides an alternative tasty treat for your guests, but it also enables the groom to express himself and his individual style by visually depicting his favorite sport, hobby, character, animal, etc. It also lends itself to some fun photo opps! Your professional disc jockey/emcee can introduce the cake cutting for the groom’s cake with a special song that fits the groom’s style or corresponds with the cake’s theme.

We've Been Nominated for the KCRA 3 A-List!

Our disc jockey company has been nominated for the KCRA 3 A-List as one of the Sacramento area's "best" local businesses! Please vote for
JD Productions, Quality DJ Entertainment as the Best DJ:
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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Party!

We're participating in The Engagement Party on Sunday, May 2, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm! This Ultimate Wedding Planning Party for the Bride and Groom will be held in the beautiful outdoor setting by the pond at Engaged Wedding Library at Quarry Ponds Center, 5530 Douglas Blvd., in Granite Bay, CA 95746.

Over $10,000 in prizes will be given away including a wedding gown, diamond jewelry, invitations, DJ, photobooth, flowers, and lots more! There will be a cake dive and other fun competitions for couples! Plus live music, cake and caterer sampling, on-site portraits and photobooth, dance lessons, hair and makeup demos, wedding fashions, and over 50 wedding vendors!

FREE admission! A special prize drawing will be held only for pre-registered attendees, so visit the Events page at now and sign up to attend!

Wedding Tip #17 - Phases of a Reception: Music Sets the Mood and Ambience!

Couples should keep in mind that there are several phases to a reception: the cocktail/social phase, the meal phase, the traditional phase (toasting, cake cutting, first dance, etc.) and the open dancing/party phase. Different styles of music and song selections help set the mood and ambience for each phase. Do you want your reception to be classy, romantic, fun-filled, or energetic? It doesn’t have to be just one or the other. It can be all of the above! Think about each phase separately and decide the kind of atmosphere you want created. A professional disc jockey/emcee will know a variety of music styles and songs to help set the mood and ambience you desire. He also will make the transition between each phase run smoothly.

Wedding Tip #16 - A Professional Disc Jockey/Emcee Is Priceless!

Investing in a professional disc jockey/emcee may save money and stress in the long run. A professional will maintain the flow of events to ensure the reception runs smoothly. In turn, that can reduce unnecessary costs and headaches. For example, he can sequence and time key events (parent-child dances, bouquet/garter toss, etc.) to keep them on track and avoid putting a photographer or videographer into unnecessary overtime. This saves the couple the dilemma of paying extra costs or missing out on capturing special moments. Also scheduling some things earlier, such as the cake cutting, may translate into lower catering costs as the caterer may be able to release some staff once the cake is served. The true value of a professional disc jockey/emcee is priceless!

Wedding Tip #15 - Greet Your Guests in Style!

A receiving line can form immediately after the ceremony for the bride and groom, and perhaps their parents and wedding party, to formally greet guests and thank them for attending. It enables one-on-one time with guests, and provides an opportunity to receive congratulations, a hug or a kiss. Downside: the time it takes will delay post-ceremony photos; it has the potential to mess up the bride's hair and makeup as she receives congratulations, which may add further delay while she fixes them; it will delay your guests’ arrival to the reception; and it will add a corresponding delay for your arrival. A better alternative may be to greet your guests in style by visiting with them at each table towards the end of the meal.

Music To Get Your Feet Running!

We're pleased once again to provide the musical entertainment for Run Rocklin. The 7th Annual run will take place on Sunday April 18th, 2010 at Johnson Springview Park, 5480 5th St., Rocklin. Kids Run 7:45 a.m., 12K 8:00 a.m., 5K 8:15 a.m., and Kids 1-mile 9:30 a.m. Proceeds benefit the Rocklin Police Officers Association Matt Redding Memorial Scholarship Foundation.

For details visit

Wedding Fair 4-15-10 Doubletree Hotel Sacramento

On Thursday April 15, 2010, 5:00-9:00 p.m. please join us for a private wedding fair at:
The Doubletree Hotel Sacramento 2001 Point West Way, Sacramento CA 95815
Consult with industry experts like us to create your dream wedding!
Win a trip to the California Wine Country!
$10 charitable donation at the door
100% of donations benefit UC Davis Children's Hospital!
For a flier please visit:

Wedding Tip #14 - Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

It’s a tradition for a bride to wear or carry “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” for good luck on her wedding day. Many times the item(s) could have great significance or meaning, such as something old passed down for generations, something borrowed from a dear friend, or something new picked out specially for the bride by a bridesmaid. While some items may be too intimate to discuss, others may be perfectly okay to mention. If appropriate, have your professional disc jockey/emcee announce at the reception what the special item is and how you acquired it to allow others to share in knowing the source of your good luck!

Wedding Tip #13 - Candid Camera

A bride and groom should hire a professional photographer to capture their special moments. While staged photos are nice, some of the best photos are candid shots! Encourage your photographer to take such shots. To add extra fun also have “disposable” cameras on hand for your guests to use. Your professional disc jockey/emcee will invite your guests to snap a few shots and then pass the camera onto someone else, will tell them to not only take photos of the bride and groom but of other guests as well, and will remind your guests to leave the cameras on the gift table at the end of the evening so you can have the film developed.

Wedding Tip #12 - Bring out the Child in You

If children will attend your wedding reception, make them feel welcome by having a kids activity table (e.g., crayons and coloring books, stickers, puzzles, toys), which also will keep them occupied. Perhaps have them draw a picture of the bride and groom to present to you. Maybe arrange for a separate area for them to view a DVD. You could even hire an experienced child-care worker to supervise them to free up their parents. Also consider having your professional disc jockey/emcee play some kid-oriented activities and music to involve them (e.g., limbo, hula hoops, chicken dance). Be a kid at heart and don’t be afraid to join them in the fun!

Wedding Tip #11 - Make Your Memories Count!

The guest book is great to formally document who attended your wedding. It may include a space to write a special message or address. It also may have a place to list gifts received. The matted photo has the couple’s photo surrounded by a mat board on which guests can use gel ink pens to write special messages and sign. The neat thing about the matted photo is it can be framed and then displayed on a wall, as opposed to a guest book which often is kept in a drawer. Another cool option is a poster board on which you can display your invitation and block off several 4"x6" areas where guests won’t sign; instead, those will be used to display photos from your wedding. Your professional disc jockey/emcee can invite guests to sign the guest book, matted photo or poster board to ensure you have plenty of memories!

Wedding Tip #10 - Remembering Those Who Have Passed

There are many ways for a bride and groom to remember and honor a relative or friend who has passed. At the ceremony, a photo of the departed love one(s) could be displayed, a candle could be lit in their memory, the officiant could mention those present in spirit, etc. At the reception, a memory table likewise could be set up to display photos, a friend or family member could make a special toast on their behalf, your professional disc jockey/emcee could likewise note those present in spirit when doing introductions or could play a special song in their honor, etc.

Wedding Tip #9 - Include Others Besides Wedding Party In Activities

It is often difficult to choose who among your family and friends will stand by your side when you exchange vows. As you try not to hurt anyone’s feelings, you may find yourself troubled because you did not ask someone to be a bridesmaid or a groomsman. No worries. There are many additional ways you can include other family and friends in your celebration. For example, at the ceremony you could have them be an usher, read a poem or scripture, light side candles for the unity candle, place vessels for a sand-pouring, etc. At the reception, you could have them be a gift table/guest book attendant, say a blessing before the meal, make a toast, assist with a money dance, pass out favors, etc. Be creative and consider asking your professional disc jockey/emcee for suggestions.

Wedding Experts Unite At Doubletree Hotel Sacramento

On Thursday April 15, 2010, 5:00-9:00 p.m. join us for a private wedding fair at the Doubletree Hotel Sacramento, 2001 Point West Way, Sacramento CA 95815 where you can consult with industry experts to create your dream wedding! Win a trip to the California Wine Country! $10 charitable donation at door, 100% of donations benefit UC Davis Children's Hospital.

Wedding Tip #8 - Parent-Child Dances - All in the Family

Most fathers look forward to the Father-Daughter dance, just as most mothers look forward to the Mother-Son dance. Neither parent may want to share the spotlight with anyone else. If one parent is self-conscious about dancing, however, perhaps combine the father-daughter and mother-son dances with a song that would suit both parents. If a step-parent has played a significant role in your life and your parent would not mind, perhaps have your step-parent “cut-in.” Otherwise, consider playing a separate song for your step-parent. If a parent has passed on, perhaps have your new parent-in-law honor their memory by dancing with you, which likewise could serve as a way to welcome you into their family. A professional disc jockey/emcee will be able to properly introduce these dances to smoothly handle any transitions.

Wedding Tip #7 - Relax, Enjoy & Have Fun!

In comparison to all the time spent planning your wedding, the time actually spent during your wedding day will seem to just fly by. Relax, take time to enjoy the festivities, and have fun! When the celebration is over, you will be left with your photos and memories. It’s the photographer’s job to capture the special moments, but it's the disc jockey/emcee's job to help create those moments. Choose a professional disc jockey/emcee who will help you to create a unique, unforgettable celebration!

Wedding Tip #6 - Set The Tone of Your Celebration

Guests usually follow the bride and groom’s lead. The more the couple gets out on the dance floor, the more inclined their guests will be to join them. So set the tone of your celebration by dancing with each other (and your guests) as much as possible! If one of you is more of a wallflower, then don't hold the other back, but instead encourage your new spouse to express herself/himself and dance when the mood strikes. If both of you would prefer to cool your heels, share that in advance with your professional disc jockey/emcee so he can plan to use other techniques to draw your guests to the dance floor.

JD Firestone (JD the DJ) Receives AfWPI Team Spirit Award!

On February 2, 2010, Kami Storz (Sound Image Entertainment) presented JD Firestone (JD the DJ) of JD Productions Quality DJ Entertainment with the Association for Wedding Professionals International (AfWPI) Team Spirit Award for 2009. The award recognizes additional efforts in promoting the association and encouraging member unity, which is not just for the recipient's own benefit, but for their fellow wedding and event professionals, and ultimately the Brides and Grooms for whom they proudly work. Kami described JD as: someone you can count on; when he commits, no doubt he will follow through; he has promoted AfWPI throughout the whole year with excitement, generosity, and unfailing loyalty; and above all, he is dedicated to the wedding and musical entertainment industry. In receiving the award, JD said "I'm definitely a team player, but that's because I have such a good team to play on with my fellow wedding professionals in AfWPI!" (photo: Cheryl & JD Firestone)

And AfWPI President's Award Goes To ...

On February 2, 2010, JD Firestone (JD the DJ) of JD Productions Quality DJ Entertainment proudly presented the Association for Wedding Professionals International (AfWPI) President's Award to the member whom President and Vice President, Richard and Julia Markel, feel has set the best example of leadership throughout the past year. The award went not to one, but to many -- the AfWPI Advisory Board as a whole: Darci Swedelson (A Dazzling Day By Darcie/Slip of Elegance), Jeff Sharpe (Sharpe Photographers), Mike Anderson (Creative Memories Entertainment), Doug Lavine (Music on the Move DJs & MCs), Chris Kight (Christopher Kight Photographers), and Rick Francis (Action Plan Consulting). Congratulations to the recipients!

Wedding Tip #5 - Feel Free to Mingle

Generally, the bride and groom and their wedding party will go through the buffet line or be served their meal first. As such, they likely will finish eating before the rest of the guests. The couple, as well as their wedding party, should feel free to get up and mingle when they finish their meals. When it’s time to do things like the toast, a professional disc jockey/emcee will have them return to the head table as needed.

JD the DJ to Present Award at AfWPI Recognition Gala

On February 2, 2010, the Association for Wedding Professionals International (AfWPI) will be holding its 10th Annual Recognition Gala at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento, where professionals will gather for a festive black-tie affair to pay tribute to those in the wedding industry. JD Firestone (JD the DJ) of JD Productions Quality DJ Entertainment will be presenting the AfWPI President's Award to the member who has set the best example of leadership in AfWPI throughout 2009. JD, who himself is nominated for AfWPI Professional of the Year for 2009, is looking forward to being a presenter: "It's an honor and a privilege to be among the entertainers who will recognize peers in my industry. I'm very excited to have that opportunity!"

Wedding Tip #4 - Involve Your Guests

The couple should consider various ways to involve their guests so they feel as if they are part of the celebration, rather than just observers. There are many ways to do this from the subtle (e.g., having guests write wishes to the newlyweds on cards they drop into a wish bowl) to less-subtle (e.g., ice-breakers and games to release tables for the buffet, centerpiece giveaways, and specialty dances such as the "Generations Dance" where a song is played in honor of marriage as the disc jockey seeks out and highlights the longest-married couple). A professional disc jockey/emcee will have various suggestions on how you can involve your guests!

Wedding Tip #3 - It's Your Celebration, But Consider Your Guests

The bride and groom should customize their celebration to suit their tastes, while still considering their guests’ needs. Although the couple may have their favorite styles of music, their guests may enjoy a variety. Giving the disc jockey leeway to play a broader selection and take requests will make for a better event. Also, while the couple may not want to participate in group dances, their guests (especially those still single) may want to participate. So remember to consider your guests when planning your musical entertainment.

Wedding Tip #2 - Encourage Groom to Take Part

Although it is often said "it's the bride's day," she should encourage her groom to take part in the planning of the ceremony and reception. The more involved he is, the more successful the event will be as it will better represent both of their expectations, personalities, and dreams! They should choose the events and music together when meeting with their professional disc jockey/emcee. While the bride may have her preferences, she should allow the groom to offer his input as well. Also, it is okay to disagree. For example, if they cannot agree on a first dance song, then perhaps use her selection for the first dance and his selection for the farewell dance.

Wedding Tip #1 - DJs Create Memories!

The key thing a bride and groom should keep in mind when selecting musical entertainment for their wedding is that disc jockeys don't just play music, they create memories! So the couple should select a professional disc jockey/emcee who will be sensitive to the atmosphere they want created, who will keep the focus on them while involving their guests, and who will consult with them to plan the event to ensure it flows smoothly and is stress-free.