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Ringfinder Darryl Mansfield Joins Rings

JD Firestone (JD the DJ) recently had the pleasure of providing the musical entertainment for Kevin and Kelly's wedding, where local ringfinder Darryl Mansfield answered their special request to officiate their ceremony.  Darryl has been a metal-detecting specialist for the past 24 years and has helped reunite people with their lost jewelry on countless occasions.  The gathering took place at Le Rivage Hotel by the Sacramento River.  Fortunately Darryl's detector skills were not needed this time as the exchange of vows and rings went smoothly!

Southwest Airlines' Great Customer Service

Great Customer ServiceAt JD Productions, Quality DJ Entertainment we pride ourselves on customer service.  We'd like to share a great customer-service story that unfolded on JD's recent trip to the Las Vegas DJ Conference:

When JD arrived at the Southwest Airlines baggage carousel, he saw a luggage piece that looked like his. JD went to retrieve it, but then noticed it had a green "LATE CHECK-IN" tag.  JD had not checked in late and upon closer inspection, confirmed the luggage was not his. JD then watched as it continued to circulate on the baggage carousel.

When baggage from the next flight began unloading, JD deduced that the owner of the luggage probably took his luggage by mistake, so JD picked up the luggage and brought it to a baggage handler (Jessica) and told her the story. Jessica immediately paged the luggage's owner to return to the baggage area.  Because there was no immediate response, Jessica sent JD to the baggage office to have another handler (Felicia) call the luggage's owner.

Felicia immediately phoned the owner, who had not realized that she took JD's luggage. Fortunately, she was still at the airport. Felicia and JD met up with the owner, where they exchanged their luggage, after Felicia ensured proper ownership. Both the owner and JD were very grateful for the quick response of Jessica and Felicia. They demonstrated great customer service!